Saturday, June 9, 2007



jmapston said...

"While thinking this, I was startled by a sudden clang! clang! clang! followed by music."

Amy Tan, The Joy Luck Club

Anonymous said...

"This is the ball that was hit with a whack!
And soared through the pane with a smashity-smack!
Near the room where they munched
And-Eek! There’s that hamster that spins in a wheel!

These are the raindrops that – plop! – drizzled down,
Soaking their heads and making them frown
After – whack! – the ball soared
Near the room where they munched
And – Eek! There’s that hamster that spins in a wheel!

This is the bad bee that buzzed through the crack,
Then zoomed round the room in a stinging attack
As the raindrops fell – plop!
After – whack! – the ball soared
Near the room where they munched
And – Eek! There’s that hamster that spins in a wheel!"

This is the Teacher by Rhonda Gowler Greene

Stephanie Moorberg said...

"Seabiscuit surged forward, coming down heavily onto his left foreleg. Woolf heard a sharp CRACK! Seabiscit took an awkward, skipping step." pg. 287

Betsy Roche said...

"Over the years, when I grew tired of watching, I often sat in the back of the trains that went in and out of Suburban Station in Philadelphia. Passengers would get on and off as I listened to their conversations mix with the sounds of the train doors opening and closing, the conductors yelling their stops, and the shuffle and staccato of shoe soles and high heels going from pavement to metal to the soft thump thump on the carpeted train aisles." ( Alice Sebold's The Lovely Bones, page 246)

Nikki Schroeder said...

"Pulling shut the green iron gates with a clang,the washerwoman Amparo in the trembling circle of side-view mirror."
[Sandra Cisneros Caramelo Pg. 70]

Jessica Steele 2A said...

"My heart pounded as I listened to the electronic tympani: clink, bang, rattle, buzz, buzz, clink." (Black and Blue 205)

Jeremiah Licerio said...

"A moment afer that we heard the THWOCK-THWOCK-THWOCK of a helicoter's rotors thrashing furiously at the thin air."

Pg. 263
Jon Krakauer,Into Thin Air

Brandy said...

"Chh. It always began with a solitary chuffing, a sudden explosive snort as if a night beast rising in the distance down in Conshohocken maybe, had cleared its snout...Chh...It seemed to enter my night room from below...Chh. Then the furious flurry. Chhchhchhchh..."
Jerry Spinelli, Knots in My Yo-Yo String, pg 57