Saturday, June 9, 2007

Rhetorical Fragment


lswolter said...

“As we walked, I felt myself settling into another version of myself, the self I had been with Jacob. A little younger, a little less responsible. Someone who might, on occasion, do something really stupid for no good reason.” (Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse page 101)

Dallah Abdallahi said...

I can feel Miss Moore's breathing, hear the mad thumping of her heart as it discharges blood, that necessary messenger.Smell the faint scent of London Chimney soot and lilac powder and something else. Beneath that skin, there is fear. Pain. Remorse. Yearning. Desire. A fierce longing for power. All of this. We are joined. It is as if we live in the center of a great storm. Around us the world of the realms revolves like a giant kaleidoscope, images refracted again and again. So many worlds! So much to know.

Libba Bray's Rebel Angels

Ishita Soni said...

"But my memory is uncertain; I recall a summer storm in the town where we lived and imagine a summer my mother knew in 1929. There was a tornado that year, she said, that blew away half of south Lorain. I mix up her summer with my own. Biting the strawberry, thinking storms, I see her. A slim young girl in a pink crepe dress."

Page 187
The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

Ishita Soni said...

"See, a marriage needs love. And God. And a little money. That's all. The rest you can deal with. It's not about black or white. It's about God and don't let anyone tell you different. All this Jungle fever! Shoot! That Jungle fever goes away, honey, and then what are you gonna do?"

This is what Ruth McBride thinks.

Page 233
The Color of Water by James McBride

Taylor Cruse said...

"Pollard could feel it under him; electricity pulsing up into his hands"

(Pg 191 - Seabsicuit by Laura Hillenbrand)

Nikki Schroeder said...

"Aunty Licha, Elvis, Aristotle, and Byron are hauling things out to the curb. Blenders. Transistor radios. Barbie dolls. Swiss army knives. plastic crystal chandeliers. Model airplanes. Men's button-down dress shirts. Lace push-up bras. Sock. Cut glass necklaces with matching earrings. Hair clippers. Mirror sunglasses. Panty girdles. Ballpoint pens. Eye shadow kits. Scissors. Toasters. Acrylic pullovers. Satin quilted bedspreads. Towel sets. All this besides the boxes of used clothing."
[Sandra Cisneros Caramelo Pg.6]

Katelyn Regal said...

"tickticktick. I'm missing study hall for this. Nap time. How many days until graduation? I lost track. Have to find a calender."

Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson
(pg. 114)

Blaine wells said...

"perhaps before this night is over, i will find you. and when i do..."

anges and demons: Dan brown
pg 159

Nico Gotera said...

"No Mitchell Sanders, you tell her. No Lemon, no Rat Kiley. No trail junction. No baby buffalo. No vines or moss or white blossoms. Beginning to end, you tell her, it's all made up."- pg 85

Tim O'Brien, "The Things They Carried"

Nico Gotera said...

"Or young Nancy Clutter, hearing the gunshots and knowing her time was next. Nancy, begging for her life: 'Don't. Oh, please don't. Please. Please.' What agony! What unspeakable torture!"-pg 305

Truman Capote, "In Cold Blood"

Meghan Driskill said...

"Caro remembered how it was to lie so unselfconsciously next o her best friends… as she thought of her friends she wished they could sprawl like that once more, their old lady bodies touching, their varicose legs thrown over one another’s, toes touching, their scents mingling. The tribe together again"

The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. (Page 234)

chillisox said...

His finger as big as a juicy sauge

Harry Potter/the order of Pheionex

Anonymous said...

"A giant couldn't eat half a leg of deer plus a huge mound of wild rice and eight of the fifty quail eggs and go back for dessert. But Hattie could.
"Olive ate even more. Gooseberry tarts and currant bread and cream trifle and plum pudding and chocolate bonbons and spice cake--all dribbled over with butter rum sauce and apricot sauce and peppermint sauce."

Gail Carson Levine, Ella Enchanted, p. 20