Saturday, May 12, 2007



Bonnie said...

"Eragon slowly crept closer, keeping the bow ready. All his work of the past three days had led to this moment. He took a last steadying breath and--an explosion shattered the night."
Eragon by Christopher Paolini, p. 7

Bonnie said...

"Before Emily could stop him, James rapped his umbrella across the nearest Colleger's back. When the Collegers wheeled, James stood posed in the en-garde position, the tip of his umbrella in their faces like a sword. There was nothing playful about his action. His position and stance were those of a skilled swordsman. Survival was instinctive with James--that and a keen sense of good form."
Capt. Hook by J. V. Hart, p. 2

Bonnie said...

"The door handle rattled. Matt squatted on the floor, his heart pounding. Someone put his face against the window, cupping his hands to see through the gloom. Matt froze. He had wanted company, but this was happening too quickly.
House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer, p. 9

Jennifer said...

"Then we walked on. And we came to a stream which lay as a streak of glass among the trees. It lay so still that we saw no water but only a cut in the earth, in which the trees grew down, upturned, and the sky lay at the bottom. We knelt by the stream and we bent down to drink. And then we stopped. For, upon the blue of the sky below us, we saw our own face for the first time."
Anthem by Ayn Rand, chapter 8