Saturday, June 9, 2007



Kerri said...

There is a recently published book called The Loud Silence of Francine Green. Not only is the title an oxymoron, but the main character spends a whole chapter talking about what she is learning in her English class about similes, metaphors, oxymorons, and irony (see the irony link for a longer example of this device).

I gave a silent cry of desperation.

p.40 - Referring to the fact that she can never think of the right thing to say at the right time:
Hear the loud silence of Francine Green.

Ashley Sundeen said...

After meeting a boy who was comforting after Alice had told him about the rape she feels over-joyed and seems to think she has reached "some positive ground zero" (Sebold, 205).

Postive - Good.
Ground Zero - dictionary definition
"Ground zero is the exact location where any explosion occurs"

complete opposites.

Quote comes from Lucky by Alice Sebold

evie doan said...

"You have become a small giant since the day Danny's ball struck your eye."

Chaim Potok, The Chosen
p. 204

evie doan said...

"Tough love. Sour sugar. Barbed velvet. Silent talk."

Laurie Halse Anderson, Speak

Bonnie said...

"Three minutes later the indicator silently screamed the news that she already suspected. She was pregnant."
November Blues by Sharon Draper, p. 2

Bonnie said...

"Mr. Dalton says he's somewhat of an idiot savant, which means he's a stupid genius!"
Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan, p. 10

Anonymous said...

There is a book called Punished by David Lubar where the boy begins speaking in puns as a punishment for running in the library. He collect oxymorons and anagrams to bring to the man in the library.

Anonymous said...

Jumbo shrimp
Punished! by David Lubar

chillisox said...

Logan went to the supermarket to look for oxymorons. In the seafood alise he found "Jumbo shrimp". Then he went down to the frozon alise and found "cold hot dogs".

Nothing happend !!

By david Lubar